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RayBiotech – Empowering your proteomics.

RayBiotech is a leading life sciences company providing proteomic discovery tools. RayBiotech has nearly 150 employees whose objectives are to provide excellent products and service worldwide to RayBiotech customers which include scientists in industry, academic and research institutes in 41 countries. RayBiotech is committed to accelerating customer success through innovation and leadership in the Life Sciences.


RayBiotech was founded in 2001 on the concept of the antibody array. The idea for making antibody arrays was born in the mind of Dr. Ruo-Pan Huang when he was a Professor at Emory University in the department of Gynecology. In late 2000, Dr. Huang was attending a conference where data based on a DNA arrays was being presented and was struck by the power of multiplex analysis. In Dr. Huang’s own lab, his graduate students and post docs were performing biochemical analysis experiments, such as Western blots and ELISAs, on individual targets, a cumbersome, time-consuming and expensive endeavor. He wondered if there was a way to bring multiplexing to his own lab to accelerate their research. With that in mind Dr. Huang began his efforts to develop arrays of antibodies to detect changes in biochemical targets in a streamlined and high-throughput format. Soon Dr. Huang’s laboratory was using both antibody and protein array technology on a regular basis. The first publication from Dr. Huang’s team implementing these biochemically-based arrays occurred in 2001.

The first publication citing antibody arrays resulted in a tremendous number of inquiries for access to antibody and protein arrays, thus revealing intense market demand. Filled with an entrepreneurial spirit, Dr. Huang envisioned the opportunity to provide protein arrays to the research community at large and thus RayBiotech was born. Working from his basement, with his close family helping, RayBiotech began to grow and RayBiotech introduced the first commercially available cytokine antibody array by the end of the year.

Since that time RayBiotech’s product lines have expanded to include hundreds of arrays and immunoassays for efficient analysis of proteins involved in inflammation, angiogenesis, apoptosis, cell growth, and signal transduction. In addition, ancillary to antibody arrays RayBiotech now has the world’s largest selection of fully validated ELISA kits. RayBiotech has also added comprehensive service programs including Array Testing Services, Biomarker Discovery, Peptoid Discovery, and Custom Assay Development. RayBiotech now provides these products and services worldwide through a world class network of distributors.

Since its founding in 2001 RayBiotech has grown from its humble origins to a 35,000 sq ft facility in Norcross Georgia that employs more than 50 people in high end biotechnology jobs. With the addition of GMP, GLP and ISO 13485 certifications and ever growing product lines, the future for RayBiotech continues to be bright.


RayBiotech's mission is to provide cutting-edge array technologies for the discovery of disease-related protein biomarkers and key factors, the identification of new drug targets, and the advancement of personalized medicine.

Following the completion of the human genome sequence, researchers have been able to analyze the expression of a myriad of disease-related genes; however, many diseases result from abnormal protein expression, post-translational modification, or interaction with other biomolecules. Thus, an understanding of disease states cannot be obtained from genomic research alone. Ultimately, efficient, high-throughput protein analysis offers the most promising approach to understanding and treating disease.

In 2001, RayBiotech addressed this need by introducing the first commercially available cytokine antibody array. Since then, their product lines have expanded to include hundreds of arrays and immunoassays for efficient analysis of proteins involved in inflammation, angiogenesis, apoptosis, cell growth, and signal transduction. RayBiotech's comprehensive service programs include Array Testing Services, Biomarker Discovery, Peptoid Discovery, and Custom Assay Development.



- Antibody Arrays
- Glycobiology Arrays
- Protein Arrays
- Phosphorylation Arrays

>ELISA Kits:

- Sandwich ELISA Kits
- EIA Kits
- Phosphorylation ELISA Kits
- Immuno-PCR
- Ultrasensitive IQELISA™
- Post-Translational
- Modification ELISA Kits
- Cell-Based Phospho-ELISA Kits
- Transcription Factor
- Activity Assay Kits
- SpeedELISA Kits

>Functional Assays:

- Phosphorylation Assays
- Cell Viability Assays
- Lipid Transfer Assays
- Luciferase Assays
- Molecular Biology Assays
- Oxidative Stress Assays
- Apoptosis Assays
- Cytotoxicity Assays
- Metabolism Assays

>Antibodies & Proteins:

- Antibodies
RayBiotech offers a diverse selection of over 18,000 monoclonal and polyclonal primary antibodies. RayBiotech's antibodies were developed to target multiple different proteins relevant to cell biology, neurobiology, immunology, virology, and many other fields. They have also developed secondary antibodies that target multiple host species immunoglobulin isotypes. These are available unlabeled or preconjugated to many different reporter systems including alkaline phosphatase, biotin, FITC and other labels.

- Proteins
- 6,000 proteins
- Diverse tags, expression hosts & sizes
- Purified recombinant and native proteins
- Overexpressed proteins in cell extract & culture supernatant
- Numerous applications
- Custom recombinant protein service

>Flow Cytometry:

- Flow Cytometry Antibodies
- Live/Dead Markers
- Intracellular Staining Kits
- Cell Proliferation Kits
- Apoptosis Kits
- Flow Cytometry Reagents

>Other Products:

- Lab Equipment
- Isotyping
- Software
- Cell Fractionation Kits
- Supplemental Reagents
- Protein Quantification
- Magnetic Beads
- Blood Collection
- Kit Components
- IVD Kits


>Testing Services:

- Array Testing Services
- Quantitative Proteomics Services
- Auto-Western Service
- Ultrasensitive Biomarker Testing Service
- ELISA Testing Service
- Array Scanning and Analysis Services
- Epitope Mapping Service

>Custom Arrays:

- Custom Sandwich-based Antibody Array
- Custom Label-based Antibody Array
- Custom Protein Arrays
- Array Printing Service

>Custom Services:

- Custom Antibody Service
- Custom Protein Service
- Custom Aptamer Services
- Mix & Match Quantibody Program
- RayBio® Pick-Your-Pathway Phosphorylation Assays
- Assay Development
- Comprehensive Service and Discovery Center

>Other Services:

- Biomarker Discovery
- Biostatistics and Bioinformatics
- Molecular Biology Services
- Flow Cytometry Service

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