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Alsachim – about company.

ALSACHIM is an independent contract research and development organisation that specialises in stable isotope-labelled compounds, metabolites and pharmaceutical related substances, and analytical purposes. Moreover, they have a team which is dedicated to produce in-house their own stable labeled buildings Blocks (or labeled raw material) in order to speed up the production of your stable labeled internal standard.

Their services are added value to your operations by providing a consistently high level of research and development services. They build long-term client relationships by listening to, understanding, and exceeding their client's needs in a timely.

They supply their products to customers all over the world, spread throughout the chemical discipline including the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, clinical and bio-analytical CROs and related research institutions.

ALSACHIM’s team of highly experienced scientists can effectively support your research with services that include custom synthesis and chemical development complemented by integrated state-of-the-art analytical services (NMR, MS, HPLC-MS).

Product – Categories:

- Stable Isotopes
- Drug & Metabolites
- PET Precursors
- Pesticides &Herbicides
- Mass Spectrometry Kit

Chemistry Services:

-Custom Synthesis

Their core business is in the synthesis of pharmaceutical active organic compounds and rare molecules.

-Isotopically Labeled Compounds

ALSACHIM offers custom synthesis of stable isotopically labelled molecules including:
- Pharmaceutical Intermediates
- Isotopically-labelled reference standards
- Metabolites
- Peptides
- Biologically active molecules
- Controlled drug standards (DEA)
- NMR reference standards

All their products are delivered with a comprehensive analytical data package, including full spectroscopic analysis and experimental documentation. A Certificate of Analysis specifying chemical as well as chemical purity by 1H NMR, 13C NMR (400 MHz), HPLC purity, Isotopic mass purity, storage conditions, retest analysis, accompanies each compound.

-PET Precursors

The world's need for PET tracers is growing steadily. The key to growth and greater utilization of molecular imaging is the development of new and more specific biomarkers. At ALSACHIM, they also provide PET precursors and PET standard for your research studies.

-See the difference

Because they understand the importance of timeliness, they may perform custom synthesis of your desired internal standard. The timeline is usually 4-5 weeks. As you will see in their catalog, they offer to their customers, the desired labeled molecule with a minimum of 4 isotopes.

-Analysis / Re-analysis

They offer full compound certification and re-analysis services, which includes a comprehensive Certificate of Analysis, along with all supporting documentation. Standard certification includes:
- HPLC Purity Analysis Summed Absorbance via Diode Array Detection
- Mass Spectrometry Analysis LC/MS
- 400 MHz NMR Analysis 1H Proton NMR , 13C NMR

Many other analyses are available upon request (additional fees apply): NMR Experiments (19F NMR, 31P NMR, DEPT, NOESY, COSY); GC-MS, LC-MS high resolution

-NMR Services and HPLC –MS for metobolites identification in strict confidentiality

They have decided to keep it simple, so they can provide the level of service and turnaround time you require. They are currently offering the following most common experiments without detailed interpretation:
- 1H NMR
- 13C NMR, 31P NMR, 19F NMR
- LC-MS (multimode ionisation)

Products: 1,2,3-Triazole , 1,4-oxazine , Acetamide , Acetate , Acetophenone , Acid , Acide aminé , Acyl halide , Alcohol , Aldehyde , Alkane , Alkene , Alkyne , Amide , Amidine , Amine , Amino acid , Ammonium , Aniline , API intermediates , Arene , Aromatic , Azetidine , Benzaldehyde , Benzene , Benzil , Benzimidazole , benzo-[1,4]diazepine , Benzodiazepin-2-one , Benzodiazepine , Benzoic acid , Boronic acid , Boronic ester , Carbohydrate , Carboxamide , Carboximide , Carboxylic acid , Catechol , Chalcone , Colouring , Coumarin , Crosslinkers , Cyclopropane , Drugs standards & API References , Ester , Ether , Fatty acid , Flavone , Fluorine Compound , Formamide , Furan , Glycine , Guanidine , guanine , Halo compound , Heteroaromatic , Hydrazine , Imidazole , Imidazolidine , imidazolidinone , Indole , Indoline , Ketone , Lactone , Lipid or Fatty acid , Maldi matrix Compound , Metabolites , Morpholine , Mycotoxin , Nitrile , Nitrite , Nitro compound , None , Nucleic acid , Nucleoside , Oligonucleotide , Oxathiazine , P450 (CYP) metabolites , Pesticides , Pesticides & Herbicides , Phenol , Phosphonate , Phosphonium , Piperazine , Piperidine , Protein, Peptide or Amino acid , Purine , Pyrazine , Pyrazole (1,2-Diazole) , Pyridine , Pyrimidine , Pyrrolidine , Quinazoline , Quinoline , Steroïde , Sugar , Sulfate , Sulfonamide , Sulfonate , Sulfone , Sulfonic acid , sulfonium , Sulfonyl chloride , Sulfoxide , Tetrazole , Thiazole , Thioamide , Thiocarbamate , Thiol , Thiomorpholine , Thiophenol , Triazine , Triazole , Uracil , Urea , Vitamin .
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    Cat. No.   Product Name   Manufacturer   Package 
 198-001-001  (+)-Cathine  ALSACHIM Bioparc   1mg 
 198-004-285  (+)-N-Desmethyltramadol  ALSACHIM Bioparc   1mg 
 198-004-323  (+)-N/O-Didesmethyltramadol  ALSACHIM Bioparc   1mg 
 198-004-724  (+)-N/O-Didesmethyltramadol hydrochloride  ALSACHIM Bioparc   1mg 
 198-004-784  (+)-O-Desmethyltramadol hydrochloride  ALSACHIM Bioparc   1mg 

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